CWHC in Washington, D.C.

CWHC in Washington, D.C.

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The CWHC table at the US/ICOMOS 50th Anniversary Gala, December 10, 2015

Charleston Among U.S. World Heritage Representatives at Gala

A big step for the CWHC! This December, members of the Board and Advisory Council of CWHC traveled to Washington, D.C. to represent Charleston at the 50th Anniversary Gala for US/ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites). The event was held at the Organization of American States Building and was attended by World Heritage representatives and experts from across the nation.

ICOMOS is an association that works for the conservation and protection of cultural heritage places around the world, and provides assistance and advice to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) on World Heritage designations. In the United States, US/ICOMOS offers guidance to the National Park Service, who nominates U.S. sites to UNESCO for potential World Heritage listing.

Charleston’s delegation included:

Brittany Lavelle Tulla, Director, CWHC

Stephen Ziff, Board Chair, CWHC

Winslow Hastie, Historic Charleston Foundation (institutional member of US/ICOMOS)

Grant Gilmore, College of Charleston and US/ICOMOS Trustee

Ruthie Ravenel, Board Vice Chair, CWHC

CWHC delegation: Brittany Lavelle Tulla, Stephen Ziff, Winslow Hastie, Grant Gilmore and Ruthie Ravenel


Charleston’s Debut at the U.S. National Committee for UNESCO

The following day, CWHC presented at the annual meeting of the U.S. National Committee for UNESCO, a Federal Advisory Committee that advises on worldwide humanitarian development, including UNESCO’s World Heritage program. This was an invaluable opportunity to introduce CWHC’s project and mission to a diverse group of U.S. cultural leaders and advocates of World Heritage.

The CWHC intends to continue the conversation of Charleston’s World Heritage eligibility with these national leaders, and looks forward to the opportunity to further converse on the development of World Heritage in the United States in the future!



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